Serves 4-6


140 g (1/2 packet) Oumph! Kebab
Approx. 200 g vegan pizza cheese
150 g sun-dried tomatoes
20 g parsley, finely chopped
3 garlic cloves
2 tbsp oat-based cottage cheese
¼ tsp salt

For the breadcrumbs
Chickpea stock
Wheat flour


Finely chop the Oumph! and sun dried tomatoes. Then fry in a little of the oil from the sun dried tomatoes.

Tear up the cheese directly in a large bowl. Press the garlic and add the remaining ingredients. Knead all the ingredients together to make a smooth and malleable batter. Then roll into even-sized balls. Coat each ball three times by first rolling it in the flour, then the chickpea stock and finally in the breadcrumbs. Heat the neutral oil to approx. 170 degrees. Fry for about 60–80 seconds until the balls have taken on a golden colour. Place in a bowl with kitchen towel. Repeat until all balls have been fried and are ready.