Oumph! Taco Pie

Oumph! Taco Pie

Oumph! Taco Pie

Serves 4


280 g Oumph! Kebab Spiced

4–6 handfuls of salted nacho chips

½ red onion

1 small tin of sweetcorn

2 tomatoes or a handful of cherry tomatoes

200 ml good salsa

200 ml vegan crème fraîche

200 ml grated meltable vegan cheese

Some olives, sliced jalapenos or whatever you like


Defrost Oumph! Slice the onions and dice or cut the tomatoes.

Crush the nacho chips lightly in your hand and cover the bottom of an ovenproof dish. Alternate with half of the Oumph! strips, half of the sweetcorn, half of the tomatoes and half of the cheese. Add half the creme fraîche and the salsa and spread out gently with a spoon so that they mix a bit. Prepare the rest of Oumph!, sweetcorn, tomatoes and cheese, but finish with nachos in a third layer on top. Put a dollop of creme fraîche and salsa on top of the chips, spread out and finally sprinkle on the cheese.


Bake in the oven at 200 degrees until the cheese melts and everything has taken on a nice colour.

Happy Friday!