Oumph! Rainbow Sushi Burger

Oumph! Rainbow Sushi Burger

Oumph! Rainbow Sushi Burger

4 Burgers


280 g The Chunk
500 ml sushi rice (or black rice, however must be boiled longer)

Teriyaki sauce: (or ready made)

100 ml Japanese soy sauce
3 tbsp rice vinegar
3 tbsp sugar1 clove garlic
50 cm fresh ginger
Any corn starch
Furikake mix or roasted sesame seeds

Sushi-su; (or buy ready made)

50 ml rice vinegar
50 ml mirin
75 g granulated sugar
1 tsp salt
Kombu seaweed if you like
Gari-mayonnaise, 100 ml:
100 ml plant-based mayonnaise
2 tbsp gari
1 tsp lime juice
A couple of drops of beetroot juice or red caramel colouring (if you like)

Wasabi-mayonnaise, 100 ml:

100 ml plant-based mayonnaise
1 tbsp wasabi paste
Green caramel colour (if you like)
1–2 avocados
1/2 fresh mango
Red onion


Defrost Oumph!

Teriyaki sauce:

Grate the ginger and garlic. Boil all the ingredients for the teriyaki sauce. Add a little corn starch for a thicker consistency.

Sushi rice:

Prepare the rice according to the packaging. Black rice needs to be soaked for at least 4 hours and boiled longer than sushi rice. In order to shape the black rice as we have done, you may need to add a little rice flour or corn flour.

Sushi-su can be bought ready made, but it is easy to make it yourself; boil up some of the vinegar with sugar, salt and kombu if you like, stir until the sugar and salt have melted. Add the rest of the liquid and let it cool with the kombu seaweed in it. Flavour the rice with it – the amount in the recipe is needed for about 500 ml of uncooked rice, but it is a matter of taste so feel free to do it more than once.


Mix the ginger mayonnaise into a smooth cream, otherwise you can chop the ginger and then mix it with the mayonnaise. Mix the wasabi with the mayonnaise. Add more colour if you want a spicier burger.

Heat the Oumph! The Chunk with the teriyaki sauce and a little oil. Let the sauce come to the boil so that The Chunk is glazed all around. Sprinkle over the furikake or roasted sesame seeds.

Cut the avocado into thin slices, cut the mango, onions, radish and anything else you like into slices. Shape the warm rice into a bottom and a top, use your hands or a round shape. Build the burger as normal, sprinkle on a little more furikake.

Do not eat with chopsticks!!!

The Chunk instructions coming soon...