Oumph! X-mas Skagen

Oumph! X-mas Skagen

About this project

Oumph! X-mas Skagen

makes 20-30 small potato halves


280 g Oumph! The Chunk

15 small potatoes (cooked the day before)


500 ml water

2 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp salt

2 tsp dill seeds


1 red onion

Juice of half a lemon

50 ml chopped dill

150 ml plant-based mayonnaise

50 ml plant-based yoghurt

1 can (75 g) seaweed caviar

Salt and pepper to taste


Cut Oumph! into smaller pieces. Cook the ingredients in the brine for around 10 minutes. Allow to cool in the brine by pouring both the brine and Oumph! into a separate bowl and cool in a cold water bath.


Finely chop the onion and mix all the ingredients. Remove the Oumph! from the brine. Mix the brine with the cream ingredients. Voila, your Creamy Skagen Salad is done!

Potato halves:

Cut the cooked potatoes in half and scoop out a little from the middle. Fill the skins with the creamy Skagen salad and garnish with dill and seaweed caviar.

The Skagen Salad recipe will fill approx. 20-30 small potato skins. It’s also tasty with baked potatoes, approx. 4 large baked potatoes would suit the recipe above. Another serving suggestion, perfect for your New Year’s Eve party: serve the Creamy Skagen Salad on toast or on small lettuce leaves.