Everything you need to know about barbecuing Oumph!

Everything you need to know about barbecuing Oumph!

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Everything you need to know about barbecuing Oumph!

Fancy barbecuing Oumph! but unsure how to do it? The answer is really easily! Here are five tips and five recipes for a really great barbecue!

1: How long does Oumph! take to cook!?

When barbecuing Oumph! you never need to be afraid that it is under cooked. It is ready when the pieces have a nice colour and finish, which usually takes a few minutes. Exactly how long depends on the temperature and glow from the embers. It is best to cook the pieces quickly and on a high heat.

2: What types of Oumph! can you barbeque?

You can barbecue all types of Oumph! You can either choose any of the unseasoned varieties and add your own marinade/seasoning, or barbecue any of the pre-seasoned sorts. This makes it even easier; just take it out of the freezer, defrost and throw on the barbecue.

3: Season? Marinate? Rub in? What is the best way to try barbecuing unseasoned Oumph?

All varieties barbecue well, but Oumph! cooks best with a wet marinade, slightly sticky. Allow the Chunk or Filet bits to cook in the marinade for a few minutes. If you have the time you can marinate it over night, but this is not necessary.

4: How do I barbecue the small pieces?

Small vegetables and Oumph! are easiest to barbeque on a mesh or similar. An alternative to a mesh or skewer is a Muurikka. If you don’t have a muurikka, you can just as easily use a cast iron pan over the fire. Oumph! can also be cooked wrapped in foil.

5: How do I stop Oumph! sticking?

A few classic tips are to ensure you have a warm grilling surface and spray or brush the grill or mesh before cooking.